One Fine Day Feathers are high quality, salon grade rooster feather hair extensions from Whiting and Metz, the global leaders of salon quality feathers. These gorgeous plumes can be brushed, washed, dried, curled, and styled along with your own hair. With good care, feather extensions can last up to 6 months. Application and removal are simple and can be done at home in a matter of minutes.


One Fine Day packets come ready to apply, with micro rings, an application loop, and instructions.You only need your own household pair pliers to crimp the rings (check your home toolbox!) Everything else is included.

100% of our feathers are imported from the USA, and come from USA bred roosters.





Q: How do I apply them?


A: You can apply the feathers quite easily in front of a mirror. You begin by threading a micro ring (included) onto a hair strand with the easy loop (included). Then, you place a single feather, or a group of feathers, into that ring. Finally, you crimp the ring flat with a pair of household needle nosed pliers (not included, but check your home tool box). They can stay in up to 6 months. To remove them, you simply crimp the ring open the other way, and slide them off your hair. Detailed instructions are in the pack.



Q: Are these real bird feathers?


A: Yes, we only offer real rooster feathers from the very best suppliers of salon grade feather extensions. All of our feathers are sourced from birds that are USA bred, and we import them directly from the USA.

Q: Can I wash them?


A: Yes, you can wash them while in your hair, using all of your usual products. You can also use any products you'd like for styling. You can blow dry them, and treat them just like your normal hair.


Q: Can I heat style them?


A: Yes, you can use any heat styling tool, just make sure to keep it set to the lowest temperature.


Q: Do you offer wholesale discounts on feathers?

A: We are not a wholesaler, just an independent distributor who sells directly to the public. Our quantities are always fully updated, so you are free to purchase any available amount of product, however, discounts are limited to whatever special offers the site might have available at that time for everyone. You can keep up to date with discount deals by checking our shop blogs here on the site.


Feather Care Tips:


*Most of our feathers reach 8.5-13 inches long. If your hair happens to be extra long, try placing some of feathers lower down the scalp to create a balanced look with your length. Behind the ear is one of our favorite sweet spots for long hair.


*After application, you shouldn't feel any pulling or tugging from the bead. If you feel the bead is pulling on your hair, simply remove it and replace it with another. You can make sure it will be comfortable by letting the bead angle naturally with your hair before crimping


*Hair straighteners are great for smoothing out ruffled feathers, removing twists, and flattening the appearance of  curled in feathers. A hair straightener is perfect for creating that smooth, sleek blend into your style. Give it a go before or after application. Just remember to keep your heat tools set to low.


*Always use the lowest heat setting when using a curling or straightening iron. This prevents damage and breakage, and it gives the feathers an extra long life.


*If your feathers develop twists, and you don't have a hair straightener, you can also flatten them out with a clothing iron. Place the feathers under a clean piece of fabric first, and use the lowest iron setting