Feather Extension Style Guide : Looks for Long Hair

Welcome to our Style Guide! This guide is for those with LONG luscious locks!

We offer a few different kinds of feather extensions here at One Fine Day Feathers. We're happy go give you some great styling ideas for all types of feathers. Long hair is our most requested topic, so we're starting with that!

Loose, Long Feathers

hair feathers long hair 

Loose Feathers are the most versatile, hence their popularity. Loose feathers can be placed anywhere around the scalp. Up near your part, or midway down your head, or all the way at the bottom of your hair line. The best placement depends on the length of your hair, and the type of look you want to achieve.

A quick note about length:

The average feather of this type measures 8.5 - 13 inches (21.5 cm - 33 cm). Our feathers are harvested from Mother Nature's cockerals, and the birds simply don't grow feathers that are much longer than that. We do stock the longest possible feather of this type. 100% of our feathers imported from the famous USA Farms that produce them. So unfortunately, you wont find a rooster feather that grows much longer than these! But there are some great ways to achieve an amazing look  with this length of feather, even on super long hair. 

Look #1: Sleek, Full Length Cascade ~

Feather hair extensions long hair

 This is the most requested style for long locks. A long, sleek, full length strip of feathers. Regardless of your hair length, you can easily achieve this look with our colour combos. The trick for long hair is simple: Layering! Don't worry, it's very simple to do at home, and you should be done in about 15 minutes.

How To:

You will need about 10 loose feathers for each cascade. Usually, just one long cascade is enough, but if you're going for a really bold and outgoing style, 2 or 3 cascades around the head will stand out really strongly. You will also need some hair ties or clips, a brush or comb, the included micro rings and application loop, and a pair of pliers to crimp the rings with.You'll also need a mirror (or a friend).

1) Start at the top. Decide if you want this cascade of feathers to go down the sides of your face, the side of your head, or in the back, or somewhere in between. It's absolutely up to you! Hold them up here and there and decide which look works for you. Remember, this will be one long line going all the way down your long hair.

2) Now we can pick an attachment point, at the top of our cascade. Don't start right on your part. Part your hair again about 2-3 cm over from your normal part. This ensures that later on, some of your normal hair will cover up the attachment point. 

Use the included application loop to put a ring here.  Place 1, 2, or 3 feathers in the ring, and angle it so that it sits naturally with your hair. If it doesn't angle naturally and sticks out, that may cause pulling later on, so let it just angle down and hang naturally. Turn the feathers so they're all facing out.  Crimp the ring with your pliers, and trim off any feather bits sticking out the top of the ring. You shouldn't feel it pulling on your hair at all. If it's pulling, take out the ring and re-angle it to try again. Rings can be removed by just crimping the opposite direction.  And that's it, point A done!

3) The middle layer. Now we've got a line that we want to follow. Head down along the feathers, and right around the halfway point down your head, pick out a nice spot on the scalp for the next batch of feathers. If your cascade follows right along the edge of your face, the best spot will be just above your ear. For back and side looks, a little lower and just in the middle is perfect. We're just going to continue the line of feathers that we started. Clip or tie the rest of your hair out of the way. Now apply the ring along the scalp. Add feathers,turn them facing out, crimp and trim the top again. Brilliant!

4) The bottom bit. This is the last bit, and it goes on the very bottom of your hair line, or for shorter feathers, around the spot where the previous batch ends. Follow the cascade line that you've started, and find the spot down along the very edge of your lower scalp along that line. Clip or tie the rest of your hair out of the way again. Place the ring here, right by the scalp again. Before you crimp this time, put the feathers in the ring and slide them up and down to get the right length. Angle the ring, crimp, and trim off excess from the top again.

And that's it, done! This style will max out around 5 inches (13 cm)  below the top of your shoulder. Just be careful when you brush, because now you've got three attachment points instead of one, but as long as you brush very gently to avoid the attachment points on the scalp, this look will last quite a long time. 

Short, Fluffy Feathers
fluffy feathers long hair
  Your extra long locks don't necessarily need long feathers to match the length. You can add a playful accent for just a touch of that feathered look with our short fluffys. Tactfully placed fluffys will bring a subtle flair to your style.

Long Hair Look #2: Fluffy Feathered Locks ~

Feather hair extensions long hair

How To:

You will need anywhere from 1-10 short fluffy feathers. Clusters of 3 always look great, but you can place as many or as few as you like in each ring. You will also need some hair ties or clips, a brush or comb, the included micro rings and application loop, and a pair of pliers to crimp the rings with.You'll also need a mirror (or a friend).

1) First we must decide where to place our feathers. Fluffy feathers require a bit of tactful placement, because the fluffy bit at the top can stick out if placed in the wrong area. The best place for fluffy, short feathers, is lower down on the scalp, and deep underneath a layer of hair. The central sides of the head, or behind the ear are ideal spots for fluffy feathers, as these areas blend the feather tops into your style and prevent them from standing out. Decide on a nice spot in these areas that works for you.

2) If you are going along the sides of your head, part horizontally along the chosen point. Clip or tie the upper half of the part out of the way. Pick out a few millimetres of hair to attach to. If you are going behind the ear, pick out a few millimetres of hair first, and then clip or tie the rest of your hair out of the way.

3) Use the application loop to place a micro ring onto the chosen strand. Place a feather (or a few feathers) into the ring. With fluffy feathers, it's important that they're facing the right way, so make sure to turn them facing outwards. Angle the ring with your natural hair angle so it sits naturally. This is particularly important if you're doing the sides of your head, as a ring that's angled wrong will stick out and pull on your hair. Gently angle it so it hangs naturally.

4) Use the pliers to crimp the ring tightly down. Fluffy feathers have thick quills, so it's important to have a nice and strong crimp to keep them from sliding down. Trim off any excess feather nibs from the top.

And that's it, done! The feathers will stay up to 6 months, but you can take them out at any time simply by crimping the ring the other way with the pliers. Enjoy your playful new look!

 We hope you enjoyed our long length style ideas. Remember, this is just a basic guide and with a creative touch, there are so many more ways to wear your feathers. Hopefully we've inspired some awesome feather styles!